The Power of “Yet”


Life is not easy; there are no road maps to guide us. We use our instincts, experiences and knowledge to get to us from destination to destination. Why are some places harder to get to than others?

Each one of us are capable are developing tremendous abilities if we perfect our practice, change our habits and believe we can do it. Often, we are hit with roadblocks or “failures” that keep us from reaching where we want to be. We create self-fulfilling prophecies that we will fail; we can’t pass a test, learn a new task at work, and figure out how to use to use the new remote, get organized or possibly start a new diet. Why bother? I am going to fail anyways.

I was on that fixed mindset merry-go-round for a good portion of my life about certain things and that included my ability to lose weight. I figured it was because I had no will power or self-discipline. I liked food too much. I didn’t want to be miserable and not enjoy life. I “failed” so many times before. I would eat the cupcake and quit. Miss a workout and figure there is no point. When you are stuck on a fixed mindset every obstacle or roadblock is failure. A dead end.

The one thing I was certain of was my ability to learn. The best thing about the ability to learn is everyone from children to adults has the ability to learn in some capacity. If I could teach myself how to how to add music to my iPod, how to make macaroni & cheese or tie my shoes….why can’t I learn how to eat healthy and be satisfied? Challenge accepted.

Leaving the fixed mindset in my rear view mirror you will realize that every obstacle and roadblock is not a failure….you simply are not there “yet”. The power of “yet” leaves you the choice of still reaching your goal, your destination. It is not a failure or a dead end. It is simply a happy detour.

I welcome you to my website. It is going to be full of happy little detours…… and no we are not there “yet”, because we have just begun this journey.


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