The Facebook post was on May 6, 2015. This post put a quiet fear of mine out there for the world to hear. The fear of “chairs”….yes chairs. Now, it isn’t like I go running from chairs everywhere I go, but I am afraid of them. I am afraid because being overweight has caused me to worry about things I never thought I would.

I have always had weight issues going from slim to heavy throughout my life. The beginning of 2015 found me at my heaviest weight ever. It was spawned by health issues, stress, eating convenient foods, and having a mainly sedentary job. I knew I had gained weight, but I did not realize how it was at a point of severely limiting me. I had an appointment to go to and when I got to the waiting room there were older slender chairs, but I didn’t think much of it…until I tried to sit.  I could barely fit in and quite honestly I was afraid I would be stuck. I sat there quietly in the room silently having a panic attack, trying to keep the tears from following, my heart racing, embarrassed and afraid. Luckily there was only one other person in the waiting room and they got up and went to the bathroom. That is when I held the chair down and literally had to wiggle and pry myself out. It hurt and I had bruises and marks to prove it.

I am not sharing this story to elicit sympathy or pity. I take full responsibility for my health. I made life decisions that have put me at that point and I also am taking responsibility for making the right choices now.  I didn’t choose the Beachbody programs out of thin air.  I researched and decided what fit my life, personality and goals. I knew I needed to make those modifications to live a better life. I did not want something that was a gimmick. I wanted to learn lifelong habits to make those positive changes. That is what brought me to Beachbody and using the 21 Day Fix Program. You have to work for it, learn from it and that will create new habits …and lasting change.

Shortly after I COMMITTED  myself to the program I knew this was what was going to help me. I also knew I wanted to share it with others. I was nervous about being a coach because I am far from my goal. I also knew I couldn’t wait to the end of this journey to do it. I knew I wanted to be open and honest as a coach about my own roadblocks and hurdles that I was facing. That is why I posted on Facebook about my fear of chairs. I added my own quirky sense of humor to my own fear when I posted along with an invite for people to ask about programs. The reaction I got was somewhat surprising. From support to people relating to it, the reaction was wonderful.

I still have a fear of chairs. I worry when I go to picnics, people’s homes, appointments and most of all those fold-able lawn chairs. I plan on conquering this fear and hopefully in a year or so you will see a photo of me sitting in chair just like the one featured in my post.

IMG_6436 (2)

“You see this chair? Well I am afraid of it. I am afraid that the sides will rub my hips and thighs or it will fold like a paper origami bird when I sit on it. Life’s too short to be afraid of chairs. That’s one of reasons why I am doing 21 Day Fix, working out and eating clean! Be your own role model and join me in taking control! Message me for details!”

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