Detours to Fix

Detours to FIX

My very first Beachbody purchase was a sample pack of Shakeology. I heard of it. I have seen it and I wanted to try. It was on sale, so I figured why not? I got the shakes and tried them. I did not mix them right the first time and wasn’t sure. The second time I actually followed the directions, listened to advice others gave me and liked it. The third time, I mixed in properly, in the ratio I wanted and loved it. The only reason I didn’t buy is I wasn’t sure I could afford it and didn’t understand the whole home direct thing, but I of course never asked or looked it up.

I saw the commercials for 21 Day Fix and seen it across my social media feed. I was curious and thought it would be great to have a workout I could just do anytime in the comfort of my home. It saves time and money to work out from home. You are not spending gas to drive anywhere, extra time to drive and so on. I like efficiency. I didn’t do about it though. I don’t have money or time.

My soon to be future coach was a person I knew since childhood and I loved her honest posts about life, her workouts, her hurdles and all this Beachbody stuff. I will admit, I thought Beachbody was going to be some cult like organization that forces all these supplements and crappy workouts on you. I also thought it was going to be some hard body fit people judging me and telling me I can’t ever eat a cookie. What I thought and what I saw from my future coach didn’t add up. I looked up more information about Beachbody and these workouts.

I created an account to order my shake sample, but never really looked at it. I was actually more impressed with what I found from the Beachbody community. It was people of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds all encouraging each other. There wasn’t any judgment. There was no forced supplements. They offered choices, but those were answers for people who wanted those options. No magic pill. It was about taking control, choosing a workout that fits your needs & fitness level and simple good nutrition. Now on top of that let’s add challenge groups that offer accountability, motivation and support from the comfort and convenience of anywhere, to the degree you desire. Nothing is expected, except try to be better than you were the day before. Well, that’s not some goofy cult at all. “I still can’t afford it though” is what I told myself. This is after purchasing clothes, shoes and other items I wore once or didn’t use.

My soon to be coach, mentioned that the 21 Day Fix program was on sale. Okay, I like sales. Still was a lot to me at the time, but then I started thinking about it. That is the cost of my gym and my nutritionist for however long I do the program. If I do it for a year…that is quite a deal. Plus part of that cost is my first month of Shakeology (30 meals), which if I don’t like, they refund me that portion. I am ashamed to say I spent more than that on fast food, take out and coffee drinks in one month. Plus, I found out if I do the home direct thing, there is no expectation to continue it. I can change flavors, delay it if I don’t need it or cancel at any time, no extra charge. It is also cheaper to buy it that way. But my son needs shoes, Christmas is coming up soon in the next couple months and I am not sure if I can do it. This is after purchasing overpriced take out food or wasting money on other food that is not filling.

After a casual conversation I had with my son, a light bulb went off. No matter how much money I spend on stuff that will eventually fade or we will never use in some cases, it will not take the place of me being in my son’s life. Stuff can be replaced, more money can be made. There is only one of me and I have a responsibility to be here for the people I love. It is far more selfish to not take care of myself than not buy stuff we don’t really need. We need each other. I wanted to be committed. I wanted to try this. I bought the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack.

It sat in a box for a month.

I watched what I ate, but wanted to wait, you know I had birthdays and other stuff happening. I decided to open the box and look around one afternoon. The meal containers looked small. The workouts I wondered if I can do. I looked at the food list and saw the word “tofu”. I have no clue what to do or how to start. Back in box it went. During this time I was in my Challenge Group on Facebook, a silent observer of those who are way more awesome than me. My coach was wonderful, checking in, never judging, and telling me to do things on my timeline.

My health is not improving, I bought this because I was committed….right? I am afraid of chairs and was miserable. What is my problem? That is where I was. Maybe I should just sell this Challenge Pack to someone and get some money back. But why? My son reminded me of not feeling guilty of making this investment and I realized this wasn’t that big of a deal. Do what I can do, try to follow the plan, don’t worry about being perfect, and just be better than I was the day before.

I started. It wasn’t perfect, but it was progress. I started with just using the containers and doing the meal plan at first. I couldn’t eat all the food. The containers held a lot more than I expected. I was determined to not look at this as changing all our meals, but how can our meals fit into this plan. I looked at Pinterest, Beachbody blog and YouTube videos. This isn’t bad at all. It is really doable. Why was I so hesitant? It also helped me with my portion control and I didn’t have to add any points or calories. THANK GOODNESS!

I started the workouts. That was soul crushing and confident boosting all in one. The first move I couldn’t even do …modified. So instead I marched for 60 seconds and did what I could do. The other moves I was surprised I could do. I did it. It felt good and it was also scary because I had so far to go. This was my philosophy with the workouts, try each one, if I can’t do it, do it modified, if I can’t do that march as fast I can for 60 seconds. I will get there, just don’t give up. The workouts are designed to be flexible for some who is novice to someone who is fit.

The Challenge Groups helped. They motivated me. Supported me and I got ideas. There were moments I didn’t want to work out and then my phone would “bing”….reminding me of what was important. No judgment. Just encouragement and support.

The shakes! Oh Shakeology! It helped my cravings and gave me energy more so than I expected. For once I felt in control in that area. It was something I never knew I really needed. What a happy and wonderful surprise.

The beginning was tough for multiple reasons, but also simpler than I thought. It was this happy blend of a realistic and flexible program that fit my life’s needs. I am committed. I am happy. I am feeling stronger. Getting results. I need to share this with others. It wouldn’t be right to keep this in if it could help others.

I am a coach. I have goals and hopefully will help people with their journey along mine.

Why share this? Because commitment isn’t something that always just happens, sometimes it evolves into that “AHA moment” or clicks in so quietly that you don’t realize it even happened till down the road.

You don’t have to do it alone and having that support does makes a difference. Even if it is you just creeping in a Facebook Challenge Group to get silent support. There is no judgement.

When you are committed you will find that way. The cost is initial, the results you get will last a lot longer. Don’t be afraid to invest money in something. This is so much greater than that.

I also want you to know that whether you are interested or committed, your own detours will not be viewed as failures or with judgmental eyes/ears. Beachbody, its programs, the people, the community, the coaches are more than you would think they are. If I ask you or invite to join a Challenge Group or I give you information about one of the programs, there are no expectations. It is just an opportunity to give someone what I have received from my coach. Patience, support, motivation, an open mind and heart.

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