Bean Taco Dip

I love any type of Mexican food and that was something I couldn’t never give up. Fortunately, I don’t have to and neither do you! This quick and easy dish is great for company, parties or just to keep in the fridge for a little snack.


Bean Taco Dip
16oz can of Fat Free refried beans
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
½ cup of cheddar cheese
1 cup fresh pico de gallo
1 tablespoon low sodium taco seasoning

In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine Greek yogurt and taco seasoning, set aside. In a 9×9 dish spread refried beans in the bottom, spoon yogurt mixture on top and evenly spread. Top layers with pico de gallo & cheese. Serve with fresh veggies and whole grain corn tortilla chips.



21 Day Fix: Measure in Red Container = ¼ red, 1 yellow, ¼ green, 1/8th blue

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