Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Brittney Hall; I am a mom, business professional and Independent Beachbody Coach with a passion for motivation, fitness & nutrition and organizing.

I am currently attending Robert Morris University with the ultimate goal of acquiring my Masters in Business Education. Professionally, I have a background in human resources, leadership and community relations. I have been blessed with an incredible assortment of family, friends, an extremely supportive boyfriend and amazing 16-year-old son. I also have a messy house that I desperately try to keep organized, a chaotic schedule, OCD tendencies, I swear a little too much, have an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars, silently working on the music soundtrack to my life and I struggle with my weight.

I have struggled with many detours & roadblocks that have kept me from reaching my fitness and weight loss goals. It was a combination of bad habits, self-sabotage, stress, and a fixed mindset. I have had huge roadblocks including a back injury & surgery, where I could not walk for almost a year. On top of that I lost two long-standing jobs in the past five years due economy fueled restructuring and funding cuts. There always seemed to be something standing in my way from focusing on me making the changes I needed….or was there? I wanted to find out why I was having trouble.

My family life is pretty normal with gatherings over holidays, camping movie nights and general fun. I grew up with my early life centered on my family’s restaurant where we spent most of our time laughing, eating and having fun. The memories I have are cherished and the eating habits would lead me down to a road of unrealistic portion sizes and food choices. I have dealt with weight issues on and off my whole life. Something needed to change.

I decided this was my fork in the road and I needed to make life changes. I delved into everything in an unorthodox way and did what I know how to do best: RESEARCH. I am one of those people who could get lost in a book store for days. I reached for an unlikely source: my college research. Carol Dweck, Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. She teaches courses in Personality and Social Development as well as Motivation. Dweck has done remarkable work and discusses the concept of having a “growth mindset” instead of a fixed mindset. EUREKA! Growth mindset….through the combination of MOTIVATION and SUPPORT, while introducing new HABITS you can accomplish your goals. The power of believing you can improve. This is not only true in children, but also adults. You can learn how to do anything, including eating healthy and fitness. I am not saying this is the answer for everyone, but for me this made so much sense. I can learn how to choose a healthier lifestyle. I am not changing anything, I am just learning something new and I can improve.

This was exactly what Beachbody and 21 Day Fix has meant to me. It is the power believing you can improve. You will improve. It takes 21 days to break a habit. Instill new habits and reach for a growth mindset. The remarkable thing about Beachbody and why I decided to become a coach is not only the support, motivation, and professional development that it gives; it is because the programs work.

I am still on this road trip and have quite a few miles to go in order to meet my personal goals. I hope to not only reach mine, but inspire and help others reach theirs too. No matter how short or long your journey is I can help you embrace the happy detours of life in order to reach your goals! So hop on in and let’s go for a ride!

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