3-Day Refresh ROUND TWO!!

This past week I embarked on my second round of 3-Day Refresh. I tried it before back in late Spring and had great results losing 8.5lbs. The best part is I did not gain those pounds back which is a big part of the battle. To read more on my first experience and to get some valuable tips & tricks click here.

The 3-Day Refresh program is designed to be a quick effective way to drop a few pounds, jump start good nutrition habit’s or just as a nice kick in the pant’s to get you back in gear.  The program is 3 days of specially formulated shakes, clean eating, and Shakeology. It is designed as a simple, straightforward program that will help cleanse your body and improve the way you feel, without starving yourself. Unlike juice cleanses or liquid fasts which tend to be high in sugar and low in protein (leaving you feeling weak, hungry, and sluggish), this easy-to-follow program helps support your metabolism while nourishing your vital organs.

Here is the basic structure of your day on 3-Day Refresh:

3 day refresh cheat sheet

I will admit that I have done juice cleanse and other detoxes that were much harder and longer. The crazy thing is I feel better doing this and it is only 3 days and you are not starving. I plan on utilizing this 4 times a year to help regulate my body and refocus my eating habits. There are two main reasons I have decided on making this a part of my regular routine. The first reason is because I really have issues with bloating. I have found my body is much more prone to it as I have gotten older. I off course try to watch what I eat to help it, but nothing truly has gotten rid of it like this program. The second reason is it does help me refocus on the foods I am choosing. I think that everyone has those moments where you need to dial in your nutrition and focus on how to fuel your body more properly. This absolutely does this for me. Those two factors alone have made this worth it and I haven’t even mentioned the pounds I lost!

The Results

This time around I lost 9.5lbs!! Now, I will say that I do have more to lose than some other people so my results may be larger than others. There were a number of other fellow coaches and customers doing the programs and all of their loses ranged from 4lbs -10bs. These are people of all different sizes and body types. This is also not counting the inches that were lost. So, with that in mind this program has really proved to be effective to me.


What was Different This Time Around?

This time was much easier than the first time. This I accredit to it being more of a mental thing than anything else. Since I knew what to expect I think I was better prepared. Last time I really craved meat. This time I craved coffee, but it seriously only lasted half the first day. It seemed to go quicker to me and I enjoyed the food a lot more too. Mainly because I got a little more creative. I used the optional 1 cup of veggie broth at dinner to create some satisfying soups and I flavored up the vanilla fresh shake. I definitely felt more prepared when I planned it out this time. I will admit last time I didn’t plan as well. I didn’t take enough consideration into my meals.

The one big epiphany I had was about vegetables. I actually struggle getting all my vegetable servings in on the 21 Day Fix program. The 3-Day Refresh program really made me rethink how I was eating my veggies. Everything I prepared was so quick, easy and tasty. It made me think…. Why don’t I do this regularly? Why not whip up the quick soups I made to give me another vegetable at lunch or dinner or why not use on of the veggie dishes for an afternoon snack. It made me realize that I need to change my mindset about how I was eating vegetables.

For my favorite Vanilla Fresh & Veggie Recipes click here.



Things to Remember

I would definitely recommend reading the tips and tricks on my other blog post for more detail on what can help on your experience, but here is some things to remember if you are thinking about doing 3-Day Refresh.

  1. It is a mental game. The moment you are told you can’t eat something you want it. That is part of the challenge with this and why people have certain cravings. Those cravings are mental. I honestly feel that one of the reasons it was easier for me this time was because I have learned to control my cravings more.
  2. You may feel hungry. What I mean by feeling hungry is your stomach is growling and you actual need food. My biggest concern with 3-Day Refresh is you get the same amount of food no matter what your weight/size is. I am in a higher calorie bracket on 21 Day Fix so I was concerned about feeling satisfied. I did get hungry here and there, but it really wasn’t bad at all. My worst time was in the evening, but that is my worst time anyways. Sipping tea really helped me and its something I plan on utilizing more everyday. Some people have no issues with feeling hungry at all.
  3. The Fiber Sweep is still gross. There is no way around it. I don’t have issues with it like other people do. I empty a whole 20oz bottle of water in my shaker, empty the envelope, shake it and drink it down super quick. The key is more water than it calls for and DRINK QUICK.
  4. If you have to cook for your family take that in consideration and prepare food ahead for them. Something I did both times is I made meals and food for my family ahead of time for my family so I wasn’t cooking things that might tempt me. All I had to do is heat it up and serve. You can also incorporate your veggie dish as a side dish for them.
  5. Working out is optional. You don’t necessarily have to work out during the program. It is up to you. I opted to do yoga and my favorite workouts. I choose relaxing options that were not super intense.
  6. It is only 3 days!! Sometimes you may have to remind yourself of that and that is okay! When you wake up on that fourth day you will feel so much better and know it was worth it. PLUS it is truly a doable program. You are constantly fueling your body, so it is not like you are drinking nothing but liquids.
  7. Remember to stay hydrated the next day when you are done. The following day when I finished I did not drink my normal bottle of water when I woke up and in fact didn’t drink anything for almost 2 hours. I then cooked breakfast and ate. I had some stomach cramps and that was due to me not being hydrated enough. I didn’t have this issue last time. Last time I drank two glasses of water when I got up and actual had a very similar breakfast that I did last time with turkey sausage, eggs, veggies and fruit. The only difference was the water.
  8. Don’t undue the progress made with falling right back into bad habits! Remember when you finish that this is a REFRESH! It is to get you ready for a healthy lifestyle not to be used as reason to eat a pizza and Doritos!


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