3-Day Refresh – REVIEW & TIPS


I woke up this morning feeling great and energized after my 3-Day Refresh. I lost a total of 8.5lbs in 3 Days! Pretty amazing results with being less bloated, my clothes feel looser and overall feel really terrific. I also slept really well during this, which was something I did not expect at all.

I worked hard to get my digestive system back to a healthy setting and I didn’t want to ruin that by making poor choices. The one thing I found really interesting is I didn’t “crave” anything when I got up. I felt good and actually wanted healthier food. I went out to breakfast with a friend and got turkey sausage, eggs, wheat toast and fruit. I worked to get my meal plan in place for the upcoming week with the proper balance of good food (thank you 21 Day Fix). The real test for me will be if this 8.5lbs I lost remains off, so I plan to update this entry next week.

Now, what’s the skinny on 3-Day Refresh? Look below for my review & tips!


What To Expect: The plan consists of you continuously consuming food or tea every two hours which does help keep your mind off things a bit. This is a form of detox, so you should be aware of potential changes in energy, mental clarity, cravings, and bowel movement. You may also experience some potential crankiness, which is normal and only temporary. I did not have any issues with anything except having some cravings for meat and being a little more sensitive. I was more sensitive (my poor boyfriend) because I do have an emotional attachment to food, which is a habit I am trying to break. I am well aware of it and this was a good stepping stone and learning process. It actually gave me confidence with being able to separate my emotional ties with food.

BE PREPARED: I cannot stress this enough. You need to be prepared when doing this. Plan out your meals, pick a good time to do it and be realistic about what it will be like. It is only 3 days and it is manageable, but don’t pick to do this when you have some social outing or at the last minute. Read all the materials thoroughly and prepare yourself!

It’s ALL Mental: This is the second thing I cannot stress enough. This is completely a mental game. You have to be mentally prepared for a restricted diet of veggies, fruit, healthy fats and shakes. It is more filling then you think it will be, but your mind will play tricks on you. Don’t go in this angry and realize you may even get frustrated. I actually had one moment the first day that I was like “What the hell am I doing this for?”, but I remembered I was doing this for me. I was feeling bloated and lagging. I needed to refocus and get a boost. It was mentally hard in the beginning, but you feel so good and mentally strong at the end. I will say this over and over in this blog: you need to remember that will power and self-discipline is not a characteristic of a person. It is a skill you can learn. So, you need to mentally be focused and don’t give in to any self-doubt.

Ladies Only: Ladies, I am just going to put this out there: Don’t do this when you have PMS or on your period. This is just my suggestion. I know that each woman is different and this may not apply to you if you don’t have symptoms associated with having a period. I personally know that if I would have tried to do this during that time, I would have been sobbing and threatening my family for cheesecake with a butter knife. So, if you decide to do this, be aware of when your friend is coming. I wouldn’t do this around the time you get cravings or any other symptoms that may come with Mother Nature’s gift. It could potentially amplify those feeling and cravings. However, this would be wonderful do after if you are feeling really bloated and want that fresh start. You will feel AMAZING!!

The Fiber Sweep: The dreaded fiber sweep. This is probably the biggest thing I have heard people complain about because of the taste. First, I would like to say….it is only once a day, you won’t die. No, it does not taste all that great, but were you really expecting it to taste like cookies? I hate to tell you this, but you just have to buck up and drink it. There are some things you need to be aware of though. If you have ever drunk any type of fiber drink you may be aware of the consistency. It thickens, quickly, so drink it…quick! First, you must remember to blend it right when you put it in the water (I didn’t do that and had “fiber balls” on day two) and don’t over blend. I put a whole 20oz bottle of water in my Shakeology Shaker Cup, threw the packet in, shake it and chugged it down. DO NOT WAIT. It turns into a blob. Think of drinking cold tasteless cream of wheat. Nobody wants that. It really isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things though.

Be Busy: I would suggest doing this during a time you are going to be busy. The perfect time would be when you have a big project to do around the house, like painting, deep cleaning, etc. For me, this would not work for a relaxing, leisurely weekend because it is a bit of a mental game. I was busy the 3 days I did it and it really helped. If I was not busy I would have remained occupied with what I couldn’t have and it would have been much harder. My suggestion is to keep yourself busy, so you are not letting it mentally take over you. You can prepare all the meals ahead of time, so it would be perfect for a busy project weekend. Workouts are not required during this program, so don’t even have to worry about that. Plan a big project, get meals ready and set a timer for when you need to eat, drink your shakes, etc.

Food & Cravings: It is human nature to want what you can’t have. I wanted meat, mainly because I couldn’t have it. Since I couldn’t have it, BBQ chickens and steaks were floating in my brain. I thought I would miss coffee, since I am a coffee drinker. Nope. Meat. It wasn’t like I wasn’t getting protein or feeling full. The shakes were great for that. My menu consisted of the same thing every day, but there are a lot of creative options you can do, plus the book gives you recipes you can make. The meat craving did bypass after day one, so it wasn’t too bad. To be safe though….avoid all the food channels otherwise you might have dreams of floating BBQ chicken like I did!

Be Aware of Pitfalls: One of the biggest potential pitfalls I can see for people is the concern of what to do with cooking for their kids and family. This may be hard for some people because it would be very tempting to sneak a bite here and there while preparing family meals. It also wouldn’t be realistic to make your whole family eat what you are eating exactly. However, I will say that it is something that you and your spouse or significant other could easily do together. It would make it fun and you could hold each other accountable. I was the only one doing it in my family and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure, so prepared everything ahead including food for my family. This helps with temptations. You could also prepare them a meal that they like and you are not a big fan of …so it is a win for both! The plan is a lot of veggies, so another option would be to plan your family meal around the veggie dish you are planning to eat, but add a protein and/or carb for the rest of your family to have. This allows everyone to eat together and not have to prepare separate meals. I do believe if you plan properly and are mentally prepared this program is very doable even if you are the only one in your household doing it.

I don’t necessarily think that this program is for everyone, but that is okay. That is also the wonderful thing about Beachbody. They offer a great variety of programs and tools to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals. They understand that everyone is different and everyone’s needs won’t be the same. I personally plan on doing it again and making this something I do every 3-4 months.

I really do think this program is a great investment. It really surprised me and I could absolutely feel the difference. This would be perfect for right before a major event, after a vacation or holiday when you need that extra kick in the pants to get back on track. This would also be fabulous way to start a new fitness and nutrition program. It really does refresh you and give you that “new start”.

For more information on The 3-Day Refresh Program click here.

If you have any additional questions or interested in ordering please feel free to contact me!


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