22 Minute Hard Corps Has Deployed!!

Are you ready? Get Some! 22 Minute Hard Corps has released today!

As a Team Beachbody Coach, I like to try the various programs to better help my clients. I have been a die hard 21 Day Fixer for the past year with alternating in some other workouts with great success. However, I am ready to change up my routine and this is it! I tried the preview of this workout and loved it. I also love that even the people in the videos are U.S. military veterans instead of fitness models.

PLUS…..For every challenge pack sold of the new 22 Minute Hard Corps (scroll down to see below for a special challenge pack offer from me!), a portion will be donated to The Mission Continues! The Mission Continues empowers veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. They redeploy veterans on new missions in their communities, so that their actions will inspire future generations to serve. 

First, the basics…

This is a military-inspired workout with no-nonsense. Not just for the beginner, and for those who want to go hardcore for just 22 minutes per day. This workout allows people at all fitness levels to get a good workout in a short amount of time. From recent P90X3 creator Tony Horton, he is taking everything he learned at military bases and bringing it home to you.

What is the Fitness Goal with 22 Minute Hard Corps?
Inspired by military workouts, this no-nonsense boot camp workout aims to give you mission-ready physique. You can’t just GET the workout results; you have to EARN the workout results. You will get the tools and motivation from Tony and your Team Beachbody Coach (that’s me!) to go well beyond the limits you THOUGHT you were capable of reaching.

How many Weeks is 22 Minute Hard Corps?
The total program is 8 weeks, 6 days a week, 1 workout a day for 22 minute of basic training boot camp workouts.

Who should buy 22 Minute Hard Corps?
Anyone looking to buy a comprehensive, total-body fitness program without overly complex moves. Simple movements that don’t require you to learn a dance routine. Lots of muscle confusion and working out every part of your body at once. You get multiple-muscle group workouts balanced with Cardio and Resistance training. It’s ideal for those who prefer shorter workouts such as P90X3 and T25; those looking for a more challenging, intermediate level workout after completing P90 or 21 Day Fix; and those who are not ready for an extreme fitness program. Anyone who craves a simple, flexible nutrition plan to help them reach their goals should try 22 Minute Hard Corps. If you aren’t seeing results from your workouts, this is the program to try.

Do the workouts include a modifier?
Yes. All workouts include a modifier for reduced intensity or limited equipment access.

What is the difference between 22 Minute Hard Corps and P90X/P90X3?
P90X and P90X3 are 90-day extreme fitness programs. Both programs provide an extensive variety of fat-burning, muscle-perfecting moves that continually challenge the body and are considered advanced workouts. 22 Minute Hard Corps is a shorter, intermediate level program that has total body routines to improve overall fitness. It is inspired by the tried and true methods of boot camp fitness programs and uses a military-style cadence to provide an intense workout in only 22 minutes.

What’s included in 22 Minute Hard Corps?
The basic program includes:
-3 Resistance Workouts
-3 Cardio Workouts
-2 Core Workouts
-Rations for Results Meal Plan and supporting documents

The workouts are all set up in a military-style boot camp format, even down to the cadence, which is the traditional call-and-response work song used in marching and training.

Workout Descriptions
CARDIO 1: This 7-move workout gets your heart pumping from Minute One. Keep up with the platoon and earn a massive calorie burn.
CARDIO 2: This is basic training, but there’s nothing easy about it. It’s 3 rounds of 7 exercises, but these moves will push your fitness even further.
CARDIO 3: This cardio routine alternates between floor work and plyo moves for 3 hard-driving rounds.
CORE 1: Get ready to work your lower back, abs, and oblique’s in this epic, 10-move drill.
CORE 2: The reps are doubled in Core 2 to test your limits and maximize the burn.
RESISTANCE 1: 5 simple resistance moves in 3 back-to-back rounds.
RESISTANCE 2 : More resistance, more sweat, and more muscles recruited.
RESISTANCE 3: This resistance workout adds plyometric strength training to challenge your endurance.
BATTLE BUDDY: In this workout, you’ll pair up with a “Battle Buddy” to take on this calorie-scorching, partner-based workout challenge.

What size workout space is needed?
6 square feet of space is recommended.

Required Equipment
Dumbbells, chin-up bar OR resistance band with door attachment
*not required, optional: Chin-Up Max, Beachbody Jump Mat and Beachbody PT Sandbag (sandbag comes with challenge pack)

The nutrition plan is called Rations for Results, which is a meal plan that shows you how to choose foods and healthy portions that will keep your nutrition in check while adopting a healthier lifestyle. It’s a clean eating and portion control program with containers similar to the 21 Day Fix.

It’s best to combine this program with daily Shakeology. If you REALLY want results, invest in the Performance Line to speed recovery and recharge your body faster. There are challenge packs available with either the shakes or performance line.

If this sounds like a program that would work for you, then I invite you to join my next challenge group “Spring into Health” that begins on 3.28.16. You will get full support, 1:1 coaching, recipes, meal planning tips, and more to help get you ready to report for duty!

Challenge Packs are on sale this month and as a special offer to celebrate this new program the first 3 people who purchase a 22 Minutes Challenge Pack from me will receive a $20 Amazon gift card!!

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