21 Days of Fix – Day Ten

“21 Days of Fix” is a series highlighting one meal a day  that I eat on the 21 Day Fix Program. The purpose of this series is to show the easiness and flexibility of the program, portion sizes, along with meal inspiration.

A little summer sunshine and the July 4th holiday approaching fast we have been on a BBQ kick lately. I make my own clean version of BBQ sauce that I can eat on 21 Day Fix….it is amazing how much better it taste! Will be sharing that in an upcoming recipe post. Here is what I had for dinner.

Day Ten  – Wednesday July 1, 2015 – Dinner
Homemade clean BBQ Sauce- 1/2 PURPLE
Boneless lean pork ribs– 1 RED
Steamed Carrots- 1 GREEN
Mixed Salad – 1 GREEN
Salad Dressing – 1 ORANGE
Coconut oil – 1 TEASPOON (not shown for veggies)

Day 10

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