21 Days of Fix – Day Twenty-One

“21 Days of Fix” is a series highlighting one meal a day  that I eat on the 21 Day Fix Program. The purpose of this series is to show the easiness and flexibility of the program, portion sizes, along with meal inspiration.

Better late than never is what they say! Behind on posting this series an my photos have been sitting on my desktop forever!

My last meal highlight of the series is a traditional meal that I love. I love the combo of chicken, potato and salad. I find it so comforting and filling. It is amazing how this program allows a person to eat “normal” and not feel deprived. It is not necessarily about redoing everything you eat, but more about taking what you eat and applying it to the program. Happy & Satisfied!

Day Twenty-One  – Sunday July 12, 2015 – Dinner
Roasted Chicken – 1 RED
Sweet Potato- 1 YELLOW
Broccoli 1 GREEN
Mixed greens
Balsamic Dressing – 1 ORANGE
Coconut Oil – 1 TEASPOON

21 Days of Fix - Day 21

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