21 Day Fix: Shopping for Success!

I am a person that likes a plan, but I don’t like to feel completely “locked in”, so meal planning is a love/hate relationship. However, I do know the importance of being prepared. Having the right foods available and being ready does determine your success on eating healthier.

21 Day Fix program is designed to fuel your body with the right portions of the right food. The program takes clean eating and teaches the correct portion control and combination of foods. You should actually eat all of your containers each day because you need to fuel your body to lose. I actually have trouble with this and usually end up have days where I have one or two containers left. You get to eat a lot and it is filling!

I like to keep certain foods always on hand in order to help me be successful. I typically shop once a week with every other week being a bigger shopping trip. I tend to get the same things, but use them in different combinations for different recipes.

Here is my list of foods and why I keep them on hand! They are not the only things I ever buy, but what I use the most and tend to purchase on a regular basis. I try to buy everything organic or as clean as possible. That does not always happen due to availability or cost, but I try!

Fruit – Purple
frozen fruit
no sugar applesauce

I love pretty much all fruit, but these are the items I gravitate towards more. Strawberries are my go to fruit and tend to be the first thing I grab. I eat them with yogurt, dip them in melted chocolate for a treat, use in my shakes and more. I also eat bananas daily in my Shakeology. Apples is another versatile one I keep on hand for a quick snack with peanut butter, use it in oatmeal or to make a healthy dessert. The lemons I use a lot in cooking and sometimes in water. The frozen fruit is usually mango or another type of fruit I keep on hand that I can throw into a shake if I don’t have any fresh on hand or just to switch things up. The applesauce is mainly for baking. The other fruit I just eat as a snack. If you have some stubborn few pounds to get off or hit a plateau it is suggested to avoid fruits that are higher in sugar (grapes, bananas, mangos) and eat them earlier in the day.

Vegetables – Green
mixed green salad mix
snow peas
frozen vegetable
fresh salsa*
canned diced tomatoes*
canned tomato sauce*
*no sugar

Vegetables for are similar to fruit in that I love pretty much all veggies, but these are the ones I use on a regular basis. I like buying the packages of organic mixed green salad mix or spinach to use for salads or put on sandwiches/wraps. Very easy and convenient. I love peppers for salads, cooking or snacking. Red peppers are my favorite for salads & sandwiches. I use them instead of a tomato since they last longer and taste better to me. Cucumbers, snow peas, and carrots I use for salads and snacking. Onions and the canned tomatoes for cooking. Just make sure that any canned tomato you get is sugar free otherwise it is consider a purple. The same goes for salsa. You can make your own or I have found fresh salsa at my local grocery store with no added sugar. I love using salsa in my eggs or mixing it with greek yogurt for my taco “salad dressing”. Frozen veggies I love to keep on hand for dinner and if I am need some veggies in a pinch.

Proteins – Red
chicken breast
ground chicken or turkey
turkey bacon*
lean pork
lean ground beef
lean beef
canned albacore tuna
veggie burgers
rotisserie chicken
greek yogurt
cottage cheese
*low sodium

I like to keep a wide variety of protein handy since this is the one area where I will get bored the quickest. This is also an area where I will prep and freeze some grab and go options for a pinch like meatballs or healthy breakfast sausage. Most of these proteins I use for dinner and lunch. Eggs I eat a lot for breakfast or a quick snack. Love grabbing an egg and making a quick egg salad for a snack. Canned tuna, cottage cheese and greek yogurt are my grab and go proteins that are a must. I like to purchase a rotisserie chicken to break up and use for sandwiches or salads. I do like purchasing fish, especially tilapia but it is not something I do regularly. I will occasionally buy good quality organic proteins like slice turkey for sandwiches, frozen turkey meatballs, turkey sausage, whole grain breaded chicken strips or a low sodium ham but it depends on the product and what the label says. They need to be lean, nitrate free, all natural and the sodium cannot be too crazy. It can be challenging to find, but it is out there!  I am also a fan of ricotta cheese and is creeping up to being a regular on the list soon.

Healthy Fats – Blue
feta cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
parmesan cheese

My healthy fats list is not that extensive. Feta cheese is something I use regularly. Love it in eggs or on a salad. The other cheeses are for cooking usually. Almonds are great for snacking or using in a quick dessert. I will occasionally get string cheese, hummus, avocado, and coconut milk for snacks and recipes, but I have to be in the mood for them.

Carbs – Yellow
sweet potatoes
unsweetened almond milk
frozen corn
frozen brown rice
brown rice cake
rolled oats
whole grain pasta
corn tortillas shells
whole wheat tortillas
whole wheat bread
whole wheat crackers
whole wheat flour
whole wheat bread crumbs
canned beans (kidney, etc)
cocoa powder
chocolate chips

Carbs are the longest list for me usually due to cooking and having things on hand. Oh and let’s face it…I love carbs! lol Potatoes and sweet potatoes I have for cooking, usually dinner and reserve leftovers for breakfast/lunch. Unsweetened almond milk I use in my Shakeology and occasionally in my oatmeal. I know a lot of people avoid corn, but we like it! I will keep frozen corn on hand for dinner, salads and salsa. Frozen brown rice is my new thing. I hate cooking brown rice and have found some wonderful frozen brands that are so quick and easy that I don’t buy boxed anymore. I use it for stir fry and other recipes. Rolled oats are for breakfast and baking. Corn tortillas shells and whole wheat tortillas are for tacos, quesadillas and wraps. All quick and easy meals. I actually don’t eat much bread, so I will get Ezekiel frozen bread and just take a slice out as needed. Pasta, flour, breadcrumbs and beans I keep on hand for recipes I make. Whole wheat crackers I keep on hand for snacking, to eat with a salad or soup or use for cooking on occasion. Popcorn is my go to snack. I usually buy the kernels to pop with coconut oil or I do buy organic microwave plain popcorn. Cocoa powder and chocolate ships are for baking and those quick treats. I know a lot of people buy quinoa and couscous. I personally do not buy them on a regular basis because I am the only one who eats it. I do like them, but I have to be in mood for them.

Extras – Teaspoon
organic butter
natural peanut butter
almond butter
coconut oil
olive oil

Honey and stevia I use for baking, tea, oatmeal and other treats. Peanut butter and almond butter I used for all of the above and Shakeology. Coconut oil I used for cooking, baking, on veggies and even my toast on occasion. I do buy butter and it is 21 Day Fix approved, but I still try to be mindful of it. Here is a clip from Autumn Calabrese stating it is allowed, but it must be natural, organic butter if you want to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9uwbl9ZEzw

hot sauce
low sodium soy sauce
rice vinegar
cider vinegar
balsamic vinegar
chopped garlic
organic pam spray
green tea
herbal tea
spices (sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, etc)
fresh herbs & ginger

Hot sauce and soy sauce I use for cooking. Hot sauce also for my eggs. Just be mindful of them because of the sodium, especially if you are trying to lose a couple extra pounds. I would also say you need to read you labels on this because there may be additives in the brand you are getting…so choose wisely! Rice vinegar is one of my favorites. I use it for cooking, marinades and as a dressing on my salads. I will use a combo of this and balsamic on my salads with some herbs…so good! Just be aware of the seasoned ones because they often have added sugars. Read labels! The green and herbal tea I like to keep on hand because I like some tea on occasion. The coffee is a source of living for me. Lol I am a coffee drinker. I have always drank my coffee black, so I have no issues with missing cream/sugar. The rest is for cooking and just general recipes. The fresh herbs and ginger I like to freeze so they last longer. The spices you need to watch if you buy blends or season packets because of potential additives and sodium.

Hope the list is helpful! Here are some photos of a past shopping trip I did. Not everything necessarily on this list because of some sales of other fruits and veggies, plus some additional items I wanted to try and for my family.


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